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Remove Popcom Ceilings in 1 Day!

Popcorn removal - To ensure safety and mess free environment

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal is one of the must to do items in any home improvement project. Always start at the top. Although popular in the 70”s and 80’s popcorn ceilings really out dates in todays market. In addition, it provides a breeding ground for dust mites, spiders and shows off dirt, is difficult to clean and can easily chips. In today’s housing market it makes it that much more difficult to sell your home with the old popcorn ceilings.

In just one day depending on the size of the square footage,ceiling heights and condition we remove your popcorn ceilings and add a beautiful and more desireable knockdown texture. (IMAGINE POPCORN BY DAY, KNOCKDOWN TEXTURE By NIGHT). Knockdown texture is used in 95% of all new homes being built today. Home builders know a profitable upgrade and use this texture to good use.