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Remove Popcom Ceilings in 1 Day!

About Us

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Thank you for your interest in AAAPOPCORNREMOVAL.COM.  We are a family business that removes existing popcorn texture and resurfaces the newly bare ceiling with a KNOCKDOWN TEXTURE, ORANGE or SMOOTH finish.  AAAPOPCORNREMOVAL.COM has been licensed and insured since 1997. Acoustic ceiling texture is also referred as “cottage cheese” or “popcorn” ceiling texture.

Removing popcorn, drywall or crown molding can be very intrusive and disruptive to the homeowner.  Most furniture may remain right where they normally reside.  Some areas may need to be cordoned off and furnishings must be protected in order to achieve a professional result while protecting the contents of your home.

AAAPOPCORNREMOVAL.COM specialize in this popcorn removal, knockdown texture, drywall and crown molding market and have perfected our ability to begin and complete entire removal and texture process in almost every single home in one day furnished or not.

This one day service minimizes the disruption to the homeowner and is a major selling point for our company.  The majority of the time we are requested to continue the project is if the homeowner asks us to paint newly installed texture.  Knockdown texture is NOT a finished product and it must be painted.

AAAPOPCORNREMOVAL.COM has performed this valuable service to over 6000 homes in Broward, Dade, West Palm Beach, Martin, Lee, Naples as well as Ft Meyers counties.  Obviously our commitments to these areas are long term.